6 Countries, 6 episodes.

Crossing between in-depth travel content from an insider’s perspective with a local co-host and interviews with “regular folks” and local celebrities. Between taking the zeitgeist of the “selfie pop—culture” and the predominant values, we eat, drink and explore the countries “life”.

Each episodes will have a “round-table”, nurturing a discussion between generations and points of views of the people previously interviewed individually.

Each episode will have a local “case-study” as an example of the reach of the “selfie-pop” culture. Like the Tokyo high school student that finds it perfectly OK to dress up as Hello Kitty at night and prostitute herself for a Prada bag.  Or the Beverly Hills girl at 16 having a “butt-job” (yes !) so she can look more like Kim Kardashian and the parents that let her.

Or the sugar-dating, tinder-babes, facebook drug sales, game violence, you tube subculture and whatever else dominates the teenagers universe today that makes modern parenting a whole new challenge.

We do it in a tone of irony and neutrality, staying clear of judgment and fingerpointing. We are after all….. taking a look at ourselves.