6 Countries, 6 episodes.

 We take the pulse on values. Love or greed ?​ Vanity or community ? 

We ask famous ones, special ones and regular ones - from Stockholm to Shanghai: ​​ Did tech replace intimacy ? Does pop and hype set the cultural agenda ? We are ultra-connected - but are we closer ?

​We measure the cyber zeitgeist against faith and family. Power vs. Sharing. Sound-bites vs. Insight. 

​Spin vs. Honesty. Consumerism vs. Involvement. Bigotry vs. Understanding. Ego vs. Gratitude. 

We tweet, like, tinder, snapchat our way to insta-fame and nothing is more than a click away. 

​How are we doing as humans ? Are we smarter, better, worse, funnier, nastier, kinder ?

Today’s teenagers spend an average of 9 (yes 9 !) hours daily in front of a media device.

Can parents be heard thru that tsunami of infotainment ? Do they care ? Does the Kardashians

and You tube sensations set the agenda ? What do the teenagers think ? The Parents ? The celebrities ?

The trendsetters, academia and pop-culture icons. We’ll ask them and have the conversation.

We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll try the food, have fun and show the most interesting people and places in each country. But mostly we want to know where the youth culture is heading and who’s in the driver’s seat.  We toured the world for 5 years and took a giant global selfie to find out.

​The result is coming to the screen in front of you in 2017. Make sure you click it. 

​​About the producer: 

The producer / host  is one of the original founders of Von Dutch, a 400 million dollar celebrity driven brand that was behind the creation of “insta-fame” and celebrity pop-culture and the “invention” of Paris Hilton.A CEO of global brands and companies within the fashion and media world, he has gained in depth knowledge of places and cultures in all corners of the planet with access to local celebrities and trendsetters. Juul is currently Executive Producing the next Martin Scorsese directed feature “Silence” starring Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield and has for the last 7 years been running a multiple Oscar winning production company. He is a single dad of three teenagers and as such – like all parents – is in constant competition with social media for attention and influence over their lives. He has now logged over 3.000.000 flying miles and filmed an intriguing dialogue with the content makers, the kids, the parents and the people driving today’s social and cultural narrative.